I ❤ Vim

I have been using Vi/Vim for a few years now, as my editor of choice. I feel like I’m a fairly proficient user, but I find myself constantly discoving new aspects of Vi’s badassness.

As a simple example, last week I found myself making changes to several files. They all needed the same change. Go to the top of the page, and add a line to the second line. Find the occurance of specific string, and remove that line, perform search replace on next two.

The task of doing this was exrememly repetitive and even though I created a macro, it was still time consuming. So…. to the internets. It turns out there was a way in vim to perform the same command, or in this case vimscript, on every buffer loaded. So with a single line command, I was able to update all of the files in one go, and move on to more intersting work.

I’m happier all the time that I decided to use Vim as my go to editor. I’m still learning new things about it all the time, and becoming more and more productive.