2018 Goals

I am not normally a person who makes goals on New Years. I’m not really a goal setter in general, or at least I haven’t been. What I am, though, is a habit builder. I think that building new habits for my betterment is the right way to go. I think being accountable helps me to stay on track to actually make my habits stick. And to that end, here are some goals that I have for some new habits I’m attempting to build.


  1. I would like to be more engaged in the information security community, actually contributing to the dialogue and not just watching it go by.

    • Tweet More (no real objective here)
    • Write more blog posts (at least once a month)
    • Submit at least 5 talks this year
  2. Finish building out home lab

  3. Develop a tool for web application testing

    • I have a few ideas for this, but not actually started to code anything up yet.

Health / Fitness

  1. I commited to my sister that I will join here for a sprint triathalon this summer. (I know, I’m not sure what I was thinking)
    • Swimming
      • Learn and practice Total Immersion swimming technique
      • Do an open water swim (the tri is a pool swim, but I would personally like to get to the point where I’m comfortable enough to do an open water swim)
    • Biking
      • Learn and practice the Zendurance biking techniques
    • Running
      • Learn and practice Chi Running techniques


  1. Focus on the positive to build a better mental state
  2. Learn a new technology
  3. Learn a new language